Freitag, 29. Juli 2016

Sommerreihe Teil 8 / Vorstellung eines ebooks aus der Datenbank EBSCO

The Holiday Makers: Magazines, Advertising, and Mass Tourism in Postwar America

Richard K. Popp, Baton Rouge : LSU Press. 2012

In mid-twentieth-century America, mass tourism became emblematic of the expanding horizons associated with an affluent, industrial society. Nowhere was the image of leisurely travel more visible than in the parade of glossy articles and advertisements that beckoned readers from the pages of popular magazines. In Richard K. Popp's The Holiday Makers, the magazine industry serves as a window into postwar media and consumer society, showing how the dynamics of market research and commercial print culture helped shape ideas about place, mobility, and leisure. Magazine publishers saw travel content as a way to connect audiences to a booming ad sector, while middlebrow editors believed sightseeing travel was a means of fostering a classless society at home and harmony abroad. Expanding transportation networks and free time lay at the heart of this idealized vision...

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Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2016

Nicht nur, aber vor allem für diejenigen, die sich in der Endphase Ihrer BA-Thesis befinden...

Citavi unterstützt beim Schreiben wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten. Wer für seine BA-Thesis Hilfe beim Zitieren, der Literatursuche oder beim Zeitmanagement braucht, kann sich mit diesem Video nochmal einen schnellen Überblick zu den Leistungen von Citavi verschaffen (Video von der Universitätsbibliothek der JLU Gießen).

Citavi gibt es kostenlos für alle Studierenden, Dozent*innen und Mitarbeiter*innen der EBC Hochschule. Mehr Infos dazu hier

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2016

Sommerreihe Teil 7 / Vorstellung eines ebooks aus der Datenbank EBSCO

Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles: Values, Design, Production and Consumption

Ana Laura Torres & Miguel Angel Gardetti, Sheffield : Greenleaf Publishing, 2013.

The textile industry plays a significant part in the global economy, yet often operates with disregard to its environmental and social impacts. This book takes a wide-ranging look at current analysis of the industry and explores the issues of continuous consumption and increasing disposability.

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Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2016

Veranstaltungstipp 20. Juli 2016 Berlin: Fashion für Fahrradfahrerinnen

Mit dem Fahrrad zur Arbeit – zum Sitzungstermin im Hosenanzug oder zur Morgenbesprechung der Geschäftsführung im Kostüm? Wer nicht verschwitzt im Meeting sitzen will, muss bislang einen Ort zum Umziehen und die Zeit dafür einplanen. Mehr als 20 Studierende der Bekleidungstechnik und des Modedesigns an der HTW Berlin wollen dieses Problem lösen.

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem »Projekt 2050« des Verkehrsclub VCD und dem Modeunternehmen bleed GmbH haben sie erstmals fahrradkompatible Damen-Business-Bekleidung entwickelt. Unter dem Label »City Cyclists« sind die ersten Kleidungsstücke und Konzepte entstanden, darunter ein Hosenrock, ein Overall aber auch ein Regenmantel und eine Bluse bei der definitiv keine Schweißränder entstehen.

Studentinnen stellen ihre Entwürfe auf dem Campus Wilhelminenhof, Halle B 001, vor und erläutern gemeinsam mit dem Verkehrsclub Deutschland, welche Potenziale sich für die
Fahrradförderung geben.

Wann: Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2016, 16 Uhr 

Die Präsentation wird von einem "Slow Bike Race" des VCD sowie einer Ausstellung der Industrial Designer der HTW Berlin begleitet.

Die Veranstaltung ist öffentlich. Interessierte sind herzlich willkommen!


Mehr Infos zum Projekt gibts hier

Freitag, 15. Juli 2016

Sommerreihe Teil 6 / Vorstellung eines ebooks aus der Datenbank EBSCO

Book Jacket

A World Gone Social : How Companies Must Adapt to Survive

Authors: Coine, Ted,   Babbitt, Mark

New York, NY : AMACOM. 2014
The Social Revolution's impact on the business world cannot be over-estimated. Like the meteor that likely precipitated the end of the dinosaurs, Social is the catalyst in an extinction event--and business as we know it has changed forever. A World Gone Social offers an eye-opening look at fundamental and powerful changes the social collaboration era has set in motion: ● Customers now have the power--just watch what happens as more realize it! ● With increased transparency, businesses must be more ethical--no more pretending ● Command-and-control leadership is now so inefficient, it is a liability ● Nimble and small is the new competitive advantage--few corporations are capable of the agility required by evolving marketplaces ● Recruiting is now a two-way proposition, with job seekers able to peer behind the corporate curtain ● Relationship and community-building is how customers and brand ambassadors are won--and retained ● Engagement--with partners, employees, and customers--is not a luxury; it is a requirement. Each chapter provides compelling stories and concrete examples of companies demonstrating enlightened business practices and doing Social right--and some that are not--and the lessons to be learned from their experiences. Finally, readers will discover how to objectively assess the fit ness of their own company's culture and social they may successfully transition from a 20th- to a 21st-century'social'organization.

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Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2016

New book in the library of EBC Berlin: Trekonomics: The Economics of Star Trek

Trekonomics: The Economics of Star Trek
Manu Saadia, Pipertext 2016

 The book, which grew in part out of conversations between Mr. Saadia and his friend Chris Black, a former writer for “Star Trek: Enterprise”...examines “Star Trek’”s “post-economic” system, in which money no longer exists and anything you want can be made in a replicator, essentially for free.

– The New York Times - (10th of July, 2015) Read full article

 You can loan the book in the library of  EBC Berlin.

Trekonomics from Inkshares on Vimeo.

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2016

Sommerreihe Teil 5: Vorstellung eines Ebooks aus der Datenbank EBSCO

 Sharing in the success of the digital economy

The digitally-enabled economy is unleashing a new wave of change, something we are only just beginning to feel and understand. The economic evidence shows that this innovation—the development and adoption of new products, services, processes and business models—is vital to support rising living standards. But making the political case for the progressive power of innovation, and the digital economy, can be more challenging. The forces of “creative destruction” threaten incumbent firms, jobs, and the way people work and live, creating strong incentives to oppose change. Confronting these hard realities is one of the defining challenges for progressive politics in the twenty-first century. This collection of essays aims to explore how progressives can embrace the power and promise of innovation through ICT and the digital economy, while developing new institutions to enable societies to cope with the new challenges and risks that this heralds.

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Freitag, 8. Juli 2016

Sommerreihe Teil 4 / Vorstellung eines ebooks aus der Datenbank EBSCO

Gerschel, A.; Polsky, L.: Rapid Retooling : Developing World-class Organizations in a Rapidly Changing World
ASTD Press, Alexandria (USA), 2013

Organizational and individual change is constant—it's not a race to the finish line. Rapid Retooling explains that organizational change is a cyclical process, and shows readers how to constantly and rapidly adapt—or “retool”—themselves, their employees, and their organization business models to keep pace with technology and economic events. By implementing the strategies and tools presented in the book readers will forge a workplace culture that is flexible, resilient, and aware of events that affect its business. This awareness will allow for faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective change initiatives.
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Dienstag, 5. Juli 2016

Studie mit Infos zu den teuersten und günstigsten Städten für Auswanderer...

Jedes Jahr veröffentlicht die Unternehmensberatungsfirma Mercer eine Studie zu den Lebenshaltungskosten weltweit – und die aktuelle Top Ten der teuersten und günstigsten Städte für Auswanderer birgt so manche Überraschung. Weitere Infos hier

Foto: Getty Images

Vier der teuersten Städte der Welt: Zürich, N'Djamena im Tschad, Singapur, Shanghai im Uhrzeigersinn (Quelle:

Die 10 Teuersten Städte für Auswanderer:

1. Luanda, Angola 
2. Hongkong 
3. Zürich, Schweiz 
4. Singapur 
5. Genf, Schweiz 
6. Shanghai, China 
7. Peking, China 
8. Seoul, Südkorea 
9. Bern, Schweiz 
10. N’Djamena, Tschad

Die 10 günstigsten Städte für Auswanderer:

1. Bischkek, Kirgisistan
2. Windhoek, Namibia
3. Karatschi, Pakistan
4. Tunis, Tunesien
5. Skopje, Mazedonien
6. Banjul, Gambia
7. Minsk, Weißrussland
8. Kapstadt, Südafrika
9. Managua, Nicaragua
10. Tiflis, Georgien

Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

Sommerreihe Teil 3 / Vorstellung eines ebooks aus der Datenbank EBSCO

Book Jacket
Nita Mathur:

Consumer Culture, Modernity and Identity

New Delhi, India : Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd. 2014

This book offers analysis of articulation of consumer culture and modernity in everyday lives of people in a transnational framework. It pursues three broad themes: lifestyle choices and construction of modern identities; fashion and advertising; and subaltern concerns and moral subjectivities. It juxtaposes empirical studies with theoretical traditions in addressing questions such as: How do people imagine modernity and identity in consumer culture? What does modernity or ‘being modern'mean to people in different societies? Are modernity and tradition antithetical to or develop an interface with each other? The chapters in the book trace manifestations and trajectories of consumer culture and modernity as they connect to develop a sense of renewed identity.
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