Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Sommerreihe Bücher für den Studiengang FLRM / Teil 8

Eine globale Zeitreise durch die Welt der Luxusmarken...

Luxury Fashion: A Global History of Heritage Brands, Caroline Cox, 2013

Luxury brands are not about banal retro styling or taking refuge in past glories; they are brands with a heritage that still chimes with contemporary culture. Luxury Fashion is a unique tribute to the world's most hallowed fashion brands. Glossy and highly informative, it provides in-depth feature portraits of fifty of the finest luxury fashion brands (renowned heritage labels and hidden gems) as well as an essential directory of a further 150 brands, which includes details of key items and where to find them. Each featured brand is beautifully illustrated, with historical and contemporary images, evoking the story of how artisans from all over the world have created objects of desire that have endured because of their superb quality, superior craftsmanship and timeless design appeal. Lively, insightful text explores manufacturing processes and materials, revealing how the most revered fashion brands have maintained astonishingly long lineages. This illuminating sourcebook uncovers the story the most fabled creators, from Hermes of Paris and Trickers of London through to legendary US brands Chippewa and Wesco. A luxurious and sophisticated volume, Luxury Fashion will captivate and inform even the most avid fashion devotee. (Quelle: amazon)

Das Buch ist in den Bibliotheken am Campus Berlin & Stuttgart ausleihbar.

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